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Metal Finisher

Wednesday, 31 May 2017 11:20
  • Technical documentation uderstanding
  • Metal polishing / finishing experiences (color metas, stainless steel)
  • Metal surface preparation befor polishing

Cylindrical grinder

Wednesday, 31 May 2017 11:20
  • Technical documents understanding
  • Cylindrical grinding experiences
  • Ability to setup production process, equipment and method
  • Ability to adjust grinding machine
  • Ability to use measure equipment to check a component during manufacturing process

Career in DI Industrial

Why work with us?
Our objective is to look for and in the long term keep talented employees with a proactive approach to life and enthusiasm to be really good at what they do. We help everyone to develop his or her potential and support the initiative. We offer cooperation with experts who will share their experience.

Our activities.
Cooperation with schools is one of the main pillars of our corporate personnel policy. At the forefront of our interest is the support of students whom we offer practical knowledge and experience in the course of their secondary or higher education. We provide the students with the opportunity to practice in real work environment what they learned at school and thus gain valuable work experience before they graduate.

Evaluation procedure
We consider each CV carefully with regard to the requirements we place on the vacant position. If we are interested in your professional profile, we will invite you for an interview by phone or e-mail. Successful candidates are then shortlisted for the second round, where they do an interview with their future supervisor.


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